Welcome to SharePointPanda!

What?! A blog about SharePoint powered by WordPress?

Sure, why not?  In this crazy economy shouldn’t we use the tools that are most cost effective for the situation?

Again, Welcome to SharePoint Panda.  This blog is really a place for me to throw up brainstorming ideas, solutions, questions, and yes, maybe even frustrations to my experiences with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise that we are running as a company Intranet.  And now it is also a place for me to share all my SharePoint 2010 hacks I’ve picked up along the way.

A Little Bit About Me: Panda (a.k.a. Earnie Eng)

  • Current Employment: Howard S. Wright Enterprises
  • www.howardswright.com
  • Title: IT Specialist
  • Ongoing Project: I am currently developing SharePoint 2010 into a socially connected site, allowing all employees to communicate their expertise as well as a place to get to know each other.   I also integrate SharePoint into our line of business applications to allow our executives a central place for visiblity on our business metrics.