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It’s been done before, but worth mentioning. Enjoy! J Here’s the syntax I used (all on one line in the URL, of course): http:// <serverName>/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?/ <PathToReportOnServer>/<ReportName> &<ParameterId>=<GUIDforThisParameter>&rs:Command=Render &rs:Format=PDF&rs:ClearSession=true

This may seem elementary, however, being an on-going student in the school of Google/Bing, I was unable to find a succinct roadmap to how to set up and successfully run an SSRS report on our SharePoint 2010 environment. We hired outside consultants to deploy SharePoint, and after this engagement, they gave us a SP2010 farm […]

URL Parameter Description &rc:Parameters=Collapsed This collapses the parameter bar but sends the parameters in the URL in the browser &rc:Parameters=true This shows the parameter bar and is the default &rc:Parameters=false This prevents the parameters from being passed in the browser and expanded &rc:toolbar=false This hides the toolbar &rc:format=PDF This will open up the report as […]

In my blog post Connecting Reporting Services to SharePoint, I listed out some resources for getting SSRS connected to a SharePoint list. If you chose to use the last link I mentioned for forming your query in SSRS… Querying SharePoint List from Reporting Services returns only “not null” columnsMaybe some more advanced XML Querying language […]

Circumstances are always such that you don’t have the time it takes to learn the best way to do things, especially when your boss or your company’s executives don’t realize the amount of effort it takes to create what they think of as a “simple report” In a past post I wrote about Connecting Reporting […]

Here are some links I found for great walkthroughs on how to create more custom reports in Reporting Services from SharePoint lists: Connecting SQL Reporting Services to a SharePoint List I actually used this one to set up the first report… This one is similar: SQL Reporting Services data from SharePoint lists URL […]