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As we develop our SharePoint 2010 environment, we are looking for ways to keep the site alive and relevant. In a sense, to turn SharePoint from the Corporate Intranet stereotype of an online repository of business documents. One feature that all of our regional office managers really liked was the ability to manage a single […]

I found a great article on Path to SharePoint blog that uses a Javascript trick and calculated columns to display HTML. I was trying to create a more integrated SharePoint list to manage my projects. I created a custom list that lists out each of the projects I’m currently working on and wanted to associated […]

Here’s a lil trick I learned for calculating the Month Name and Year of an item in a SharePoint custom list so you can group by month and year. Create a new calculated column for your SharePoint List Use the following formula: =TEXT([Your Date Field], "MMMM") & "-" & YEAR([Your Date Field]) You can use […]

UPDATE (2/9/2012): Found official documentation at Microsoft for formulas and functions compatible with the Calculated Fields! A great way to fine tune a list in SharePoint is to use calculated fields, but there doesn’t seem to be comprehensive (and free) documentation on what functions work within a SharePoint Calculated Field. Since I haven’t yet […]