A couple of months ago I started documenting issues I had with my Atrix in my post: Motorola Atrix with Gingerbread Update triggers infinite loop on forwarded emails.

This has now occurred on two Moto Atrix devices from AT&T and one Moto DROID from Verizon within our organization running Exchange 2010.

Here’s the fix!

  • From the Motorola device that is sending out the infinite loop of emails, open up the email app.
  • Tap the menu soft-button, and choose Email Settings

  • Scroll to the bottom of the menu and choose Smart Forwarding

  • Ensure that Smart forwarding is unchecked.

Additional Thoughts

These screenshots are from the Motorola Atrix, and I assume they would be similar on the DROID. My impression is that Smart forwarding is a great idea to lessen the strain on data plans, but it definitely needs to be fixed to be compatible with Exchange 2010 (I haven’t been able to test this on Exchange 2007 or below yet). I would also assume that most Companies providing data-enabled devices should also include unlimited data plans. Maybe Motorola should include a question about enabling/disabling Smart forwarding in their email setup wizard?

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