Here’s a sidetrack from my usual SharePoint posts. Hopefully by reposting my cry for help on the, I can generate some traffic and get Motorola and AT&T to notice a glitch in their new Gingerbread update to the Atrix phones out there.


Problem: Forward Emails Infinite Loop after GB update

After updating to the GB OS through AT&T’s OTA update, I have observed this problem on a rooted and non-rooted phone: An email, with PDF attachment, forwarded from the phone via Exchange account gets stuck in the outbox. The recipient subsequently receives that same email repeated indefinitely until either the phone is turned off, the Exchange account completely removed, then re-added, or a factory reset.

Can someone else see if they can duplicate this problem?

Here are the environmental factors to consider:

Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open an email that includes a PDF attachment in the native Email app (make sure this is an account associated with your corporate exchange account).
  2. Forward that email (and include attachments) to a recipient on the same email domain / Exchange Server.

Here is the problem:

  • The recipient receives the email in normal expected delivery times (about the time it takes to upload the email and attachments over the air, cycle through any spam filters, and reach the recipient’s inbox).
  • The recipient will receive this same email again at intervals equivelant to how long it would take to resend the same email (the larger the attachment(s), the longer it takes)
  • This email shows up in the phone’s outbox, but when tapping on it to open, the error message (paraphrased since I don’t want to trigger another infinite email string and delete my exchange account again): “Unable to open message: This message has already been sent” or something to that nature. Yet… the email doesn’t clear out of the outbox.

Two ways to clear this infinite loop problem:

  1. Delete the account from the phone (settings > accounts > long-tap on the corporate email account > delete)
  2. Master/factory reset the phone.

I have performed 3 master resets, and about 8 email account deletions/re-adds


Other Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Sent the same email with attached PDF using a account registered on the same native email app… This did not reproduce the error
  • Sent the same email with attached PDF from the problem exchange account to gmail… this did not reproduce the error

My experience with Technical Support:

  • I have also spent about 9 hours between AT&T’s support and Motorola’s support, and they have not seen this problem yet in their collective experience supporting the Atrix.
  • I have been escalated to a level three technical support from Motorola where I assume their techs are trying to reproduce this error. They promise a response within 24 hours (I shall hear from them by 12:10pm 8/19/2011 PST)
  • AT&T has offered to send me a refurbished replacement phone, but I want to wait until I hear back from Moto.

So… Any of you Atrix tinker’ers out there, can you help by doing some tests to help us further narrow down and pinpoint the exact problem? This might bode as a possible OTA fix/update from AT&T if this is repeatable… Also, how would one escalate this problem further up the chain at AT&T?

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