URL Parameter Description &rc:Parameters=Collapsed This collapses the parameter bar but sends the parameters in the URL in the browser &rc:Parameters=true This shows the parameter bar and is the default &rc:Parameters=false This prevents the parameters from being passed in the browser and expanded &rc:toolbar=false This hides the toolbar &rc:format=PDF This will open up the report as […]

Here’s a lil trick I learned for calculating the Month Name and Year of an item in a SharePoint custom list so you can group by month and year. Create a new calculated column for your SharePoint List Use the following formula: =TEXT([Your Date Field], "MMMM") & "-" & YEAR([Your Date Field]) You can use […]

In my blog post Connecting Reporting Services to SharePoint, I listed out some resources for getting SSRS connected to a SharePoint list. If you chose to use the last link I mentioned for forming your query in SSRS… Querying SharePoint List from Reporting Services returns only “not null” columnsMaybe some more advanced XML Querying language […]

Recently, some site owners in my organization mistakenly clicked the “X” button on the top-right corner of a web part (while the page was checked out and in edit mode) to be the button to use to close out of the edit mode. They were frantic in coming to me to help them restore hours […]

I found a sweet article by Mark Wagner that shows you how to hide the “View All Site Content” link in SharePoint. Note, this does not secure the View All Site Content page, just hides it from the end user. If you are okay with that, then read on…   How To: Hide/Remove the View […]

Circumstances are always such that you don’t have the time it takes to learn the best way to do things, especially when your boss or your company’s executives don’t realize the amount of effort it takes to create what they think of as a “simple report” In a past post I wrote about Connecting Reporting […]