You may have heard on the news that there is going to be this big “Conficker” virus attack on April 1st. You may have also heard an announcement from your company’s IT department saying that your corporate Antivirus program has all the recent updates and you should be protected. Regardless of whether you are using […]

I’ve observed that recently I have to repeatedly input my username and password when logging on as well as downloading files from a SharePoint 2007 or WSS 3.0 website. Without much research, I assume that this has something to do with recent updates from Microsoft that change the security settings of Internet Explorer 7. It […]

I was trying to create some more advanced calculations in a calculated columns in a SharePoint list and was trying to find a comprehensive list of functions.  It turns out the majority of the functions (I think) are based on Excel functions, and a Google search resulted in Microsoft’s SharePoint posting: See below for […]

I’m starting this blog to start toying around with what we can do with the default “Title” column in a SharePoint List. Often times a client or user may not want to be stuck with a Text-Only column… I found this article on a Google Search that shows you how to hide that column… but […]

Recently I was checking on the health of a SharePoint server and noticed that the system drive only had 2.7 gigs left! That surprised me since it was supposed to have 30 gigs total. My first gut-reaction was that someone had inadvertently created a SQL database on the wrong drive (the system drive instead of […]

We’ve recently had a problem with our front-end MOSS server that didn’t really cause waves in SharePoint except an occasional error message to the end user. The error logs on the server were consistently showing these three errors (in this order) every 15-30 minutes. I suspect the frequency of this problem would be much higher […]

Some rules and such…

March 2nd, 2009

Feel free to comment! Please! I’m all about learning from others and hopefully letting others learn from me! If you’ve made a comment and wonder why it isn’t up yet, I might just be swamped trying to read them all. So before you comment please make sure it is something meaningful and helpful to the […]